Apple iPhone 16 gb 3GS Brand New Unlocked Jailbroken

Apple iPhone 16 gb 3GS Brand New Unlocked Jailbroken

Product Description

The first thing to mention here is the thrilling speed of the new iPhone 3G S. this latets iPhone model performs everything in just few seconds. With some great new features and applications, it just wins hearts. It open the web pages render in a fraction of time, you can open email attachments much faster. This time, it has come with improved performance and the updated 3D graphics are set to deliver an incredible gaming experience for the users. In fact, everything is up to 2xs faster in this iPhone 3G S.

Details -
You can shoot clear quality videos, edit and share them on your iPhone. Watch the videos in portrait or landscape views. You can trim the footage by adjusting start and end points. It allows you to sync the videos from your PC directly.

Dimensions – W62 mm x D12 mm x H116 mm
Weight – 135 g

Stroage Capacity – 16GB, tons of audio and video content for hours of entertainment
Wi-Fi Internet Browsing
Wireless Interface: Bluetooth 2.1 EDR, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g

Battery – Lithium ion (built-in)
Talk Time – up to 600 min

Price : $730

Condition : New

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