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Apple 3g iPhoneThe best choice you can make when buying a 3g iPhone is to get the one with the highest number of accessories at no extravagant cost. You need to know that accessorizing your best iPhone is one sure way of enjoying it for a long period of time. Most iphone users buy 3g iPhone thinking they have paid a cheap price but only to discover that they will pay much more in accessories and network subscription. Hence the best iphone is the one that comes with great subscription offers as well as an all inclusive price for accessories or at least discounted prices for accessories.

The best 3g iPhone models at the best price -

The best price you can buy 3g iPhone is when you pay a onetime price for the iPhone, and its accessories as well as subscription fee. Accessories such as headsets, cases, and battery packs are essential things that must come with your iphone and must not cost you more than if you were to buy the iphone and the accessories separately. The accessories must not only save you some money but must be compatible with your iphone and must also be durable. You therefore need to check the compatibility of your iphone with your accessories before getting them. There are similar and different accessories for different 3g iphone models.

It is ideal to buy an iPhone 3gs that will support any mobile platform, this will ensure that you do not have to change your iPhone once it is not compatible with your preferred network subscription. The best iphone is the one that will support any mobile network platform.

One of the essential accessories you need to look out for when you want to buy a 3g iPhone is the A2DP adapter which will allow you to add stereo Bluetooth capability which will allow you to stream your music wirelessly. You may also want to get a battery extender accessory to extend your battery life and also help you conserve your iphone power for a long time.  There are several other accessories you can make use of when you buy your 3g iPhone, you need to check a comprehensive lists of these accessories online , likewise you need to check the compatibility of these accessories with your iPhone. Do not go for a 3g iphone that are extremely cheap otherwise you may spend more repairing such.

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