GREAT CONDITION Apple iPod Chromatic Black 8GB w/ LOTS

Apple 8gb ipod nano black

Product Description

Its time to listen to your favorite music and watch videos on this amazing Apple iPod Nano of 8GB storage capacity. With this music player, it is very easy to find the favorite songs one wants to enjoy. It has got a ‘Cover Flow’ feature, with which you can view the album art through artists or albums. And, if you want to add a track from the search results to your play –list, you can use the ‘Center’ button

‘Genius’ Feature – When you listen to a track, and also want to hear other tracks going great along with that particular track, then his feature bundles all your tracks in the library and creates an intelligent play-list.

World’s biggest small screen – This iPod has a small screen, but yet is really big for this size of music player. Watch movies, TV Shows and videos on this device. It has a high-resolution screen that gives vivid and crisp look.


Display Size – 2 inches
Storage Capacity – 8 GB
Battery Time – up to 24 hrs
Dimensions – W1.5 in x D0.24 in. x H3.6”
Weight – 1.3 oz
Condition – Used
Color – Chromatic Black
Shipping – Free

Price : $104

Condition : Used

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