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You must have heard about an iPod model called ‘Touch’ that comes with 4GB storage capacity.

You may have also seen ads on internet for this particular model. But, the fact of the matter is that there is no such model manufactured from Apple.

The sellers who claim so that they have 4GB iPod Touch actually misinform you.
Apple manufactures 4GB ipod only with its Mini and Nano range. So, there is no 4Gb ipod Touch, but you can enjoy the music in your desired storage capacity of 4gb with these alternative models.

Interestingly, a large number of people are misinformed about this model.

The Actual 4GB ipod Models

The only 4GB storage ipod made by Apple are ipod Mini and Ipod Nano.
Both of these music gadgets are great. People like these ipod models very much.

4gb ipod Nano

- The battery life of this device last up to 14 hours. The storage capacity is 500 to 1000 songs. The height is 3.5 inches with 1.6 inches width.
It comes with LCD screen of 1.5 inches. It weighs only 1.5 oz and the resolution is 176 x 132 pixels. This is a small piece, but the gives complete entertainment.

4gb ipod Mini

– This is a nice ipod version. It is a super lightweight music player, it smaller even than your slimmest mobile. It has 4GB hard disk drive and can holds up to 1000 songs in 128-Kbps AAC format. It comes with USB 2.0
It has 1.67 inch LCD (diagonal) screen with blue-white LED backlight and has a resolution of 138 x 110-pixels. It weighs just 3.6 oz. This cool music gadget is armed with up to 25 minutes of skip protection. The audio formats of this ipod model are – AAC, MP3, MP3 and WAV.

So there is no such 4gb ipod touch model comes :)

4GB iPod Touch is the superb lightweight music player among available iPods in all generations. Recently it has been also launched in a new series known as ‘iPod Nano’ introducing couple of new features.

Similarly it offers excellent battery backup and playing most of popular audio formats. People who don’t want to buy this model have another options like 8GB iPod Touch as well as 16GB and 32GB iPod Touch.

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