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4G IPhones

The new 4g iphones are regarded as super Iphones considering several factors. More importantly, Iphone 4g phones come with the latest features which are either new or have been updated to enhance the quality of service provided by the Iphones and they are classy in every aspect of it.

4g version and 4g phones AT&T

One of the reasons why many users are sticking with 4g phones AT& T is the fact that there are many benefits offered here which are not offered on most other networks.  If you are an Iphone 4 user and you want to enjoy the advantage of the competitive prices offered by AT& T as well as receive updates along with discount upgrades of features then you will have to stick with the network.

Verizon is also set to start selling the latest 4g iphones from early 2011. Though the Iphones can be pre-ordered right now at incredibly cheaper rates. 4g phones verizon come at a relatively higher tariffs when compared with Verizon and there are some other benefits available on AT&T which are not on verizon.

Despite the fact that the new 4g iphones come with more than 100 new features, the prices of the phones wouldn’t be much different from the prices of the older versions of the iphones. The fast processors, the free casing, the upgraded face time features, the retinal display and a general thinner body design are some of the new features which has made the new 4g iphones the best iphones ever made by Apple.

There are not much comparison to make between 4g verizon iphones and at&t iphones as both iphones are being supplied directly from apple, however the different tariffs is what makes the difference, you will need to check from the websites of these leading service providers to ascertain how much charges they offer on monthly basis, including service charges.

The new 4g iphones should be purchased directly from apple or from Apple approved retail outlets to avoid counterfeiting and unwholesome products which have also flooded the market in recent times. Apple often engage in policies that tend to stabilize prices of their products, hence it may not be advisable to wait for a long time after the iphone 4 release date before.

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