Cheap 32gb iphone 3gs for Sale

32gb iphone 3gs for sale

Product Description

Are you a fan of the new iphone 3GS? Then you should not let this offer pass by you….just grab it. You will b just amazed by the thrilling pseed of this new iphone version, it quickly launches every applications. The web pages show in a fraction of the time and show the attachments much faster. The new iphone has come with improved performance and updated 3D graphics to give you an incredible gaming experience too. In simple words, this time everything is up to 2x faster and more responsive than ever.

Its time to shoot video, edit it and share it on the new iPhone 3G S. You can enjoy high quality VGA video in landscape or portrait. You can trim the footage by adjusting the start and end points.

Its 3 Megapixel camera takes cool photos with its built-in auto focus and a new tap feature to focus on anything you want.

Price : $800

Condition : Brand New

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